Gift Guide for Traveling Foodies

Don’t you love that feeling of being transported to another place when you take a bite of an amazing meal or sip of a drink? Memories come back all thanks to the flavors and aromas. One of my favorite things about Europe are their cappuccinos. Oh. my. goodness. They are out of this world deliciousness! There is only one place I’ve been to in the States that made them as good as Europe, and I’ll never forget taking that first sip of my cappuccino. Immediately, I was picturing myself sitting at a cute two person table along beautiful ancient European streets. It’s magical the way aromas and flavors can bring back nostalgic memories, and I created a gift guide to do just that! Whether you have traveled far away or are more of a homebody, these gift options will have you reminiscing of past travels or have you have you daydreaming of far away!

World Traveler Spice Collection

world traveler spice collection

Spices are a fun way to add flavor and expand your palate, and this global spice collection is full of flavors from all over the world! Find anything from zesty, savory to spicy in this kit, which also includes a description of what is in the spice mixes and recommendations for how to cook with them. The spice collection includes Indian Garam Masala, Jamaican Jerk, Lebanese Za’atar, Kansas City BBQ Dry Rub, French Herbs de Provence, Mexican Adobo, Greek Tzatziki, Japanese Shichimi Togarashi, Portuguese Piri Piri, Chinese 5 Spice, Moroccan Ras El Hanout, and Egyptian Dukkah.

Buy: The World Traveler Spice Collection

French Almond Macarons

french macarons

These macarons are imported from France and have stellar reviews! If you love them as much as everyone raves about them, you can even buy a 96 piece set! I remember eating sooo many macarons in France; they would just melt in your mouth! Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors, and in this set you get two of pistachio, chocolate, coffee, raspberry, vanilla, and lemon.

Buy: French Almond Macarons 

Ecuadorian Chocolate

Ecuadorian chocolate from Mindo Ecuador

I toured this chocolate farm in Mindo, Ecuador in 2016. Their chocolate and baking products are hands down the BEST! We got to see how they process the cacao beans to produce the rich and creamy chocolate. It’s a small family owned business with two operations: one in Ecuador and one in Michigan. I do not make any profit if you purchase from their site. However, I highly recommend you check them out! I still buy their chocolate, especially their baking products for making brownies – truly the most fudgy brownies I’ve ever had!

Check Out: Mindo Chocolate Maker’s Site

Loose Tea Leaves Sampler Set

Loose tea leaves

I love cozying up to a cup of tea! This sample set provides 9 different combinations of organic tea: English Breakfast Black Tea, Passion Green, Ginger Jazz, Turmeric Chilli Chai Herbal Tisane, Just Green, Blueberry Delight Herbal Tisane, Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, & Herbal Tisane Loose Tea. With loose tea you’ll need a tea ball. If you don’t have one, this is a steel mesh tea ball I have used for years and recommend!

Buy: Loose Tea Leaves Sampler Set

Bean Box – Delux Coffe and Chocolate Gift Box

coffee and chocolate bean box sampler

Seattle is one of the top coffee capitals for coffee enthusiasts! This gift is perfect for the coffee fanatic in your life or yourself! The set comes with chocolate that pairs well with the various coffee roasts. My favorite thing about this gift item is that it supports local Seattle roasters! While I love Starbucks, I’d rather give my money to a small business!

Buy: Bean Box – Delux Coffe and Chocolate Gift Box

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