My Nutrition Philosophy: One Diet Doesn't Fit All

Diet should be personalized to fit you! There are so many factors that can alter a diet: taste preferences, physical activity, access to food, ethical & environmental concerns, medical conditions, culture, geography and so much more.

Traveling has shown me endless approaches to food. I’ll try different dietary habits or foods when I travel and if I like it, I'll work it into my own personal diet. Diets evolve - just like we do!

Beyond fueling our bodies, food also provides a sense of comfort and community. Food unites us in good and bad times. It creates traditions that get passed down from generation to generation.

Food is essential to life, and if life is meant to be savored, so should food.

Your diet, whatever it may consist of, should not feel restrictive or filled with guilt. But living in a diet-obsessed culture can make it hard to not get sucked into the world of dieting and looking for external sources telling us how to eat.

The truth is - we know our bodies best and it tells us what we need. Re-learning to tune into our body's innate wisdom can lead to freedom with food and diet culture. Taking steps to change your relationship with food to one of abundance will help you redefine not only your relationship to food but your body as well.

My goal with the content I put out is that you find the joy and love for food that we inherently have but often lose living in a society obsessed with perfection and diet trends. If you need support on your journey to making peace with food, I'd love to work with you! My private practice's mission is to empower and support those on their intuitive eating journey. Feel free to send me email if 1:1 nutrition counseling is something you're interested in and I'll get back to you!

Besides nutrition, there are other components of health and well-being such as mental and emotional health, sleep patterns, level of stress, spiritual health, physical activity, financial well-being, etc. Nutrition is important, but it's not the end all be all. Cheers to enjoying both fresh veggies and hummus & warm chocolate chip cookies! - Monica

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