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Welcome to my internet home! I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist, solo female traveler and a meditation and breathwork teacher. I created the travel, food and lifestyle brand, The Traveling Dietitian, in 2018 as a way for me to empower other women to pursue their travel dreams, post delicious recipes and share mindfulness practices I use in my day to day life.

My goal is to inspire you to live with joy and adventure, so let’s dig into what you’ll find on this site!

The number one thing is recipes! I love food and even studied it in college to become a dietitian. You’ll see recipes that are sometimes inspired by my travels like my Authentic Greek Salad and often have a Mediterranean twist since it’s my favorite cuisine.

Travel posts include tour experiences and solo female travel tips….my favorite thing to write about travel wise! I’ve backpacked Europe twice, hiked 118 miles solo in Spain on El Camino de Santiago and did a two-week study abroad in Ecuador in college.

Travel has taught me so much about life and even about developing a healthy relationship with food, so I love to share that global perspective and answer any questions. Posts are often inspired by questions of friends like do you feel safe traveling alone and what is it like staying in hostels? So feel free to shoot me an email with any questions, and I’d be happy to answer them!

And last but not least, I’m a meditation and breathwork teacher! I was trained by the Art of Living and practice meditation almost daily. Mindful living practices have truly changed my life for the better, so I love passing on what I learn to you. If you’re interested in learning about meditation check out my ultimate list of meditation resources or my personal story of how I found meditation for breathwork exercises.

My mission with The Traveling Dietitian is to show health and wellness is more than just what’s on our plates. Food fuels our body, but it also feeds our soul. It’s a universal connection between all of us. I hope this space inspires you to feed not only your body well but your soul too – welcome!

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