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why I created this blog

Hey there, thanks for visiting! I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist with a serious case of the travel bug! My love for travel has taken me on a solo 118 mile hike in Spain, backpacking Europe twice, a study abroad in Ecuador and more. The  question I get asked the most often: “How do you eat healthy when you travel?” 

This is the space where I answer that question! I provide resources, food & travel tips and delish recipes often inspired by the Mediterranean to make eating healthy on the go easy! For details on my travel journey and how life led to this point, click below.

monica nedeff and travel friends representing 5 continents eating food together in Poland

Food is a universal language

One of my favorite things about traveling are the connections formed over a meal.  While in Poland, I met the 5 other women sitting with me in this picture; together, we represented 5 continents! How incredible is that! Food is a universal language that brings people from all over together. One of my missions with this blog is to show health and wellness is more than just what you eat and empower you to ditch diet culture and live life with the utmost joy!

Need help eating healthy while traveling? I gotchu!

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling!

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