Touring a Lavender Farm in Maui, Hawaii

Since we can’t travel now, let’s travel back to a time when travel wasn’t such an avoided thing. Last summer my family and I were in Maui, Hawaii. I had never been to Hawaii before, but my parents had in their pre-Mon years! We toured an organic farm, hiked Haleakala, completed the road to Hana, snorkeled and toured a stunning lavender farm called Ali’i Kula.

lavender bundle in a jar

The Lavender Farm Tour

When I learned a lavender farm was close to where we were doing a different tour I knew we had to go! An item still on my bucket list is visiting the lavender fields in Provence, France…..ahh one day! Have you ever been? I envision myself running through the fields of lavender and taking in all the lovely scents….sounds like a dream right lol! Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender?

So when I learned about Ali’i Kula up the road, I knew we had to go! The grounds are stunning! Besides lavender, they grow other beautiful flowering plants that make the scene feel magical. You’re so high up in the mountains that if it’s a cloudy day, you’re in the middle of the clouds, which was the case when we visited. Unfortunately, it was rainy the day of our tour, but it was still worth it! They have a gift shop + a cafe with, of course, lavender inspired products! We tried lavender tea and lavender pastries and they were delish! They even allow you to reserve a gazebo for gatherings or private tea parties, which I might have to go back for one day! Beyond tours, Ali’i Kula also offers wedding packages, so if your dream is to get married in a fairy tale like setting, this would do it!

Types of Lavender

Our tour guide shared there are three main types of lavender: English, Spanish and French. Who knew?! The three plants even had distinct looks, so you could easily tell them apart. Red Spanish Lavender is shown below. It has big flower crowns that give it such a unique look with two little petals sticking out the top. It doesn’t have as many leaves as the other two varieties. We learned you pinch the flower bud to release the oil instead of rubbing the leaves.

Spanish lavender growing outside
Spanish Lavender

French lavender is the picture below. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great image of the lavender buds. The leaves are a more gray green color and serrated. You can rub the leaves to release the oils. The blooms are purple buds that appear at the top of the plant. French lavender is often dried and used as decoration. The scent is softer compared to English lavender, and some think it resembles rosemary.

French lavender growing outside
French Lavender

English lavender! This is what most people, including myself, think of in terms of lavender. It’s best known for it’s aromatic properties and often used in household products, essential oils and in culinary. It has the strongest lavender scent and it’s beauuutiful!

English lavender growing outside
English Lavender

I’ve tried growing lavender from seed so many times and rarely have luck! Have you ever tried growing it? I might have to grow an already established plant and try that instead of seeds this summer! The plant momma in me is dying to add a lavender plant baby to the family haha!

Hope you enjoyed this lavender farm tour back down memory lane! I’ll be writing more travel memory posts to give us all something to reminisce on.

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